Shalishah Franklin is the creator of littleFOSTER. I have more than a decade of experience implementing creative marketing strategies; stirring content, contagious social promotions, robust digital marketing, impactful advertising and smart partnerships for large organizations and small businesses worldwide. 

Utilizing a wealth of marketing knowledge, and a voracious appetite for more, I've formally (and finally) established littleFOSTER to provide a little help to non-profits and nimble companies, like small businesses, startups, solopreneurs and more.

It's my truest passion to help people connect. So, instead of simply launching social channels, slapping a website together and throwing some ads into the world wide web, hoping that only people who will be customers click, I use an incredibly thoughtful approach to marketing.

What does that mean?

I'm glad you asked. You, and that service/product/brand/business idea of yours, have ideal customers (no, all 7 billion of us are not your ideal customer). Your ideal customers, no matter their age or other superficial identifiers, have very valuable behaviors that I'm simply obsessed with understanding. I observe, interpret, ideate and only then implement integrated marketing strategies that authentically connect to your target customers in the "language" that they speak. This is how you build lasting relationships, or "repeat customers" if you must.

Now, send me a note, let me give you a little help...


Yvonne Little was a creator, visionary and exemplary businesswoman. She owned successful small businesses that not only sold products and services but created thriving communities of people. Many of my very first lessons in business I learned from her, counting and bundling everything from penny candy to worms for bait. She knew her stuff and, most importantly, she knew that the key to success was in the nurturing of things.

Marci Foster was a creator, connector and humanitarian. She dedicated her life to service, volunteering countless hours to the USO, raising five children and improving the conditions of people in need. She was recognized foremost for her compassion and empathy and formally by Memphis' mayor for more than 4,000 hours of volunteerism. She loved deep and knew that great causes were worth championing to fruition.

These are my grandmothers. The foundation upon which I am building a creative company that connects people, places and things.