One of the top reasons why businesses fail, according to Forbes, is a lack of differentiation between competitors. Basically, ideal customers can't decipher a true (or perceived) difference between your brand/product/service and your competitors'. That's where storytelling comes in. It's deeply important to understand the competitive landscape around you, carve out an authentic and "ownable" difference and then craft a compelling story that your ideal customers not only believe, but share on your behalf.

This type of content, sometimes in long-form and sometimes skillfully edited to 140 characters, is what anchors your brand and excites your fans. 

As a storyteller, journalist (by degree), lover of words and accomplished content marketer, I can craft your story and share it through social community management (for example) in ways that inspire action. 

When I began my career in advertising more than 12 years ago, there were but a few ways to speak to (arguably "at") ideal customers. Meaning, tribes of people with similar interests congregated around the same TV programming, read similar printed publications and listened to the same few radio stations. The good ol' days?

Today, your tribe, defined by Seth Godin as "a group of people with a shared interest and a way to communicate," is spread throughout the entire globe. Either because they're traveling to find themselves or because the internet has helped them find you. This is such a fantastic problem to have, until you realize that your tribe could speak many different languages, live in one of 24 different timezones and be active on hundreds of social channels.

Through some pretty exploratory research I can help you better understand your ideal customers, their shared interests and the best ways in which they connect over content that excites them. With these insights in mind, I can introduce your brand into relevant conversations through an authentic and consistent approach that builds trust and, before you know it, a thriving community. 



There are more than 100 touchpoints on the customer journey, like logos, websites, social channels and business cards. At every one of these points, your ideal customer interacts with your brand, deciding to continue along the journey to purchase or changing their course entirely.  

You may be surprised to know that 93% of people place visual appearance above any other fact when shopping online or in-store. That revelation alone should validate the importance of developing, testing and consistently implementing a beautiful brand design.

As a visual artist, I value the creation of strong brands and can definitely help you create an identity that cuts through competitive clutter, resonates with your tribe and beautifully communicates your story at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Click this pretty little YES to learn more.